About Us

We're Agnes

Our origin is rooted in direct patient clinical care, and evolved with South Korea’s booming dermatology industry. We’ve also ventured out and made a name for ourselves within the cosmeceutical world through Dr. G’s skincare products, and began to develop more advanced technology through our Agnes Medical devices.

Our Mission

Throughout our rich history as clinical dermatologists and device manufacturers, there was one mission that remained constant and still maintains as our core principle: patient-first care.

We’ve explored and have been direct players in all areas of dermatology, from clinical care to cosmeceutical products, and we are still actively practicing as dermatologists in the field. Our current focus is our development of Agnes Medical devices, which is backed by extensive clinical research and studies that make sense for our physicians and patients. Through our skin science know-hows and strong support from our R&D team, we’ve launched three products so far: AGNES RF, AGNES DoubleTite, and PlazMagik.

Through our devices, we aim to build a healthy community through skin science. By always prioritizing the overall wellbeing of our patients, our technology works to bring out the healthiest outcomes from under the skin so that our patients see physical, external results in their skin health.

Our History

Gowoonsesang Dermatology Network

Dr. Ahn’s private practice expands to form a group practice and network in order to accommodate for better quality of care for a wider range of patients.

Gowoonsesang Cosmetics (Dr. G)

In order to provide more accessible, daily care for patients, Gowoonsesang ventures into the skincare industry through the creation of Dr. G.

Flagship Product: AGNES RF

Dermatologists at Gowoonsesang begin to research and develop RF devices in order to provide the same quality of care through more standardized dermatological technology. From this R&D phase, the AGNES RF device is created.

U.S. FDA-Approval of AGNES RF

The AGNES RF device is approved by the U.S. FDA.

M&A of Dr. G by Migros

Dr. G is acquired by Migros in order to reach the global market.

Agnes Medical Branches Off

Agnes Medical branches off and becomes an independent entity.

Product #2: DoubleTite

Agnes Medical launches their second product: DoubleTite.

M&A of Rohahn Kindred DBA Agnes America

California, USA

Product #3: PlazMagik

Agnes Medical launches their third product: PlazMagik (U.S. FDA-approved)

AGNES DoubleTite (exclusive to the U.S.)

AGNES DoubleTite launches in America (in progress of U.S. FDA approval)



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