Introducing PlazMagik,
The First-Ever Aesthetic Use of Helium and Argon Gas Plasma

PlazMagik is the first dual gas plasma device that uses pressurized medical grade Helium and Argon to provide a cascade of biological responses, leading to skin regeneration, collagen synthesis, and overall skin rejuvenation. The results show smoother, firmer, and more youthful-looking skin. The physician can choose either Helium or Argon gas, depending on the status of the patient treatment plan and goals.

FDA Cleared


Despite the various generations of plasma devices available in the market, significant treatment downtime associated with plasma procedures has remained a primary deterrent for patients in adhering to or completing their treatment plans. Moreover, individuals with skin types 5 or above are often ineligible candidates for plasma-enhanced aesthetic procedures.
Introducing PlazMagik
A pioneering plasma device in the aesthetic market that utilizes Helium or Argon gas to generate cold temperature plasma energy, distinguishing it from other gas-based plasma technologies available. Depending on the patient’s aesthetic objectives, PlazMagik offers the flexibility to utilize either Helium, Argon, or a combination of both gases, allowing for a customized treatment plan. This approach ensures gentle procedures with little to no downtime, suitable for patients with any skin type, or virtually no discomfort compared to other gas plasma energy based devices in the market.
Ozone Filtration Technology
Agnes Medical recognizes the potential health risks associated with ozone emission from gas plasma devices. Ozone poses health concerns when exposed to humans, particularly for patients undergoing medical procedures and the physicians administering them. In response to this concern, PlazMagik has integrated an advanced ozone filtration system into its system, ensuring comprehensive protection for both patients and healthcare professionals.
Smooth and Gentle Cold Plasma Skin Therapy
In order to improve the treatment experience for patients, PlazMagik emits a gentle stream of Plasma as opposed to the mainstream hot, pulsations that most other plasma devices release.

Frequently Asked Questions

Plasma is the fourth state of matter, following solid, liquid and gas. When gas molecules are dispersed, they transform into plasma (via ionization). Plasma can thus be thought of as a cloud-like infusion when it comes to its use in skincare.

Plasma has been utilized in various ways, such as in wound healing, dentistry, ophthalmology, cancer treatment, and more general sterilization.

Agnes Medical dove deeper into these properties for dermatology and found that our plasma devices can treat various skin conditions.

Helium gas plasma is preferred for applications requiring a non-reactive high-energy environment, while argon gas plasma is used in treatments where chemical reactivity is needed or beneficial.

In the case of dermatological treatments, helium plasma offers the gentlest and softest results. On the other hand, argon plasma can provide a more stimulating and intense treatment option when compared to helium.

PlazMagik utilizes the most gentle and least irritating helium gas, but there are many other features that make our device stand out in the market.

Its suction feature controls and minimizes the generation of ozone. Furthermore, the single and triple nozzle handpieces make it easy to treat both small and large areas of the skin, offering flexibility in the treatment. Another feature is the VVIP handpiece, which maximizes the overall effect of treatment.

Most other plasma devices on the market offer only a pulse mode, but PlazMagik offers both pulse and continuous modes, which provides further flexibility for the user.

Finally, there are no consumable costs due to the unlimited handpiece shot counter.


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Description Specification
Plasma Gas Helium, Argon
Mode CW (Continuous Mode)
PW (Pulse Mode)
Handpiece Single Nozzle handpiece
Triple Nozzle handpiece
Level 0~10 Level
Gas Flow 1~5 Level
Description Specification
Frequency 24 KHz
Repetition Rate 0.67, 1, 2, 3 Hz
(Pulsed type)
Electrical Requirement AC100~240 V, 50.60 Hz
Dimension 518(W) x 773(L) x 1,330mm(H)
Weight 96.8 lbs (gas tank excluded)